Unlimited Competition Class

Racing Rules at Portland International Raceway (PIR)

  1. Stockcar Body:
    1. Late model, full-size stock car bodies only.
    2. Fiberglass only. (i.e. Five Star)
  1. Chassis:
    1. Must meet SCCA construction and material standards.
    2. 2850 lbs minimum weight, race ready with driver.
  1. Suspension:
    1. Cast iron brake rotors. Maximum 6 piston calipers.
  1. Engine:
    1. V8 pushrod engine configuration
    2. Naturally aspirated gas powered
  1. Transmission:
    1.  4-speed manual.
  1. Tires and Wheels:
    1. Spec tires on 15” x 10” on steel wheels. Tire label 10" wide max.
  1. Technical Requirements:
    1. Stockcar must meet SCCA requirements for GTI or SP0 and have current SCCA logbook. (refer to current SCCA rule book)
  1. Rule interpretation: All decisions by GASS Racing are final.

For more information on how you can go racing with the Great American Stockcar Series, please contact Bob Moline (360) 901-3746