410 Class

Racing Rules at Portland International Raceway (PIR)

  1. Stockcar Body:
    1. Late model, full-size stock car bodies only.
    2. Fiberglass only. (i.e. Five Star)
  1. Chassis:
    1. Must meet SCCA construction and material standards.
    2. 2850 lbs minimum weight, race ready with driver.
    3. Cars will be weighed prior to entering starting grid.
  1. Suspension:
    1. ProShock suspension components.
    2. Front 7” Part #5, 004-AC750B, Rear 7” #4, 004-AC740B 
    3. Cast iron brake rotors. Maximum 6 piston calipers.
  1. Engine:
    1. V8 pushrod engine configuration
    2. Naturally aspirated gas powered single carburetor
    3. Engine 410 horse power and 410 pounds of tourqe at rear wheels.
    4. Horsepower certification established on CEI wheel dyno.
  1. Transmission:
    1.  4-speed manual.
  1. Tires and Wheels:
    1. Spec tires on 15” x 10” steel wheels. 5x5 w/5” backspace. 10" wide labeled max.
  1. Technical Requirements:
    1. Stockcar must meet SCCA requirements for GTI or SP0 and have current SCCA logbook. (refer to current SCCA rule book)
  1. Protests: $1000 protest fee due at time of protest.  Protested car will be impounded and dyno tested at CEI. If protest is upheld, car owner will pay $1000 for protest and an additional $1000 for reinstatement. All previous points earned for the season will be forfeited.
  1. Rule interpretation: All decisions by GASS Racing are final.

For more information on how you can go racing with the Great American Stockcar Series, please contact Bob Moline (360) 901-3746

* pre-season certification fee: $400